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Juiceman II - Jay KordichJay was barely 20 years old and living in San Pedro, California, when he became very ill and was told by doctors that he may not live. At the time, there was a doctor in New York City who was treating patients with freshly made carrot juice and other natural foods. After researching all of the available treatments for his illness, Jay packed his bags and headed east. The doctor put Jay on a carrot - apple juice diet and helped him to change his eating habits. Within a short period of time, Jay regained his health and was forever changed.

He has been juicing for fifty years now. It has become a way of life. Jay's commitment to juicing began forty years ago when he discovered the connection between diet and health, and realized that by increasing our consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes (and decreasing our consumption of meat and dairy products), we can help prevent diet related diseases and premature aging.

Now in his late seventies, through juicing and having a diet that consists mostly of raw foods, is in terrific health and has the same energy that he had when he was in his thirties and forties. After years of searching for the perfect juicer, Jay Kordich passed on his valuable information and advice to assist in creating the Juiceman® juicer. It took nearly 20 years to perfect the design, and now with the aid of modern technology, we can all benefit from the high performance juicers that you will find in this Web site. Now all you need to do is click on a few buttons and/or words and you will be on your way to better nutrition and a healthier diet. Jay Kordich is living proof that the power of juicing really works.

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Jay Kordich Juiceman

Jay Kordich Juiceman

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